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Celebrated composer Michael Nyman starts On Languard Point weekender

Celebrated composer and film-maker Michael Nyman premieres his latest work in Felixstowe tomorrow. Entertainment writer WAYNE SAVAGE talks to him about the unusual way it came about.

Felixstowe landscape inspired Michael Nyman's new work

Bafta-winning composer Michael Nyman explains why he was inspired by Felixstowe for his latest score.

His score for The Piano is probably his most famous work. His new work, On Landguard Point, premieres at the Spa Pavilion in the town as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, funded by Arts Council England.

Watch the (partial) video interview here.

Composer In Progress DVD review

This is a good way to get a glimpse of one of the most interesting composers of the last few decades, and one who has always made music his own way, performing with his own ensemble: the Michael Nyman Band, a group of a dozen musicians.

Michael Nyman in Concert DVD review

The composer credited with coining the term “minimalist” certainly is.

A welcome reissue of Michael Nyman's almost-grand opera | Gramophone

First performed in Spain in 2000 then extensively revised for a second “premiere” in Karlsruhe in 2002, Facing Goya still ranks as Nyman’s most ambitious operatic work to date. Divided into four acts, lasting well over two hours, featuring five singers and scored for a large ensemble (effectively an expanded version of the Michael Nyman Band), it comes close to “grand” opera in design, which perhaps explains why the work has been overshadowed by the composer’s more approachable chamber operas.

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