Michael Nyman

Sublime, the book

A limited edition photobook and accompanying collection of unreleased recordings.

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The title ‘Sublime’ came about by chance. “The dream of every photographer is to be at the right place at the right moment. It happened to me in my city, one morning on Upper Street. I was able to photograph a simple process in sequence there. Near a cinema, a man was affixing the letters of the word ‘Sublime’ under a poster of the film Volver by Almodóvar. It was an omen!” The unusually-sized book, 38×15 cm, contains 1,946 photographs which have been taken around the world. The volume, together with a 40-minutes-long CD of heretofore unreleased music and a numbered piano key, is packaged in a luxurious black box. The volume is 240 pages long. Printed in 2,000 copies. Text in English. Hardcover.

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Nyman began taking pictures in 2003. Repetitive acts, unexpected reflexes, faces of people, objects’ details, night landscapes, shop windows. His shots are like a musical diary made of images.

Nyman seems to have no doubt about the expressive supremacy of photography over film. Susan Sontag said that photographs can be remembered more easily than images in motion because they are a precise slice of time instead of a flow. To Nyman, each photograph is a privileged moment that has been transformed into a small object that we can save and look at over again, forever.

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